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Html5 Offline Cache Integration with ASP.NET MVC Bundle

One of the lesser known and misunderstood feature of Html5 is offline cache, with carefully crafted it can make your application blazingly fast. In this post, I will show you how can you implement offline cache with the new asset bundle, the same technique can be also applied to other asset managers like combres or cassette. Currently the browser support of offline cache is aligned towards mobile platform comparing to desktop(except IE all other has this support) but the nice thing of offline cache is the browser that does not support it will simply ignore it, on the other hand the mobile platform which is dominated by the mobile web-kit has first class support of it, so I will use the default jQuery Mobile project the comes with the ASP.NET MVC 4.

The missing Html5 template of ASP.NET MVC3

In my last post, I mentioned that the default template that comes with the ASP.NET MVC would not renders properly if you use any of the new Html5 elements like article, section, header etc etc, before moving forward let me show you a brief example, lets say you are using the following markup in your view:

Integrate Html5 Form in ASP.NET MVC (part 2)

I usually do not write multiple post in the same day, but as I was having some conversation with a folk in ASP.NET mailing list on Html5 specially on client side validation support in ASP.NET MVC3,  I decided to post the second part of the Html5 form Integration which I initially started in my old blog. In the previous post, I have shown you how you can emit standard HTML5 attributes from the ModelMetadata, I know the code is not what you like to see in production but it does show what I am trying to convey. In this post, I will take the jQuery validation adapter of ASP.NET MVC and fix it so that it follows the Html5 spec.

Mother of All Syntax Highlighters for Windows Live Writer

Okay as now my blog is rolling, the next thing I wanted pick is a perfect syntax highlighter for Live Writer. In my old my blog, I was using pretty successfully, but looks like it has not been updated for quite some time and more importantly it was not generating the correct markup that I want to post in this blog. Beside that I would also like to see what are the other alternates of Syntax Highlighter and it turns out there are currently few since I last checked. So I wrapped these all in live writer plugins and created a project in codeplex so that you can also use and contribute. Since it will only contain syntax highlighters hence I named it as “Mother of All Syntax Highlighters for Windows Live Writer” - funny is not it?